Correct SEO text optimization

Rubrics and labels should correspond to key phrases, but they can be repeated only once (or in a label or in a heading, but necessarily once). Also today it is considered that the number of headings should be no more than 3, and the number of labels is not more than 6. With the correct use of headings and SEO tags, text optimization can be strengthened. Be sure to use the headings and labels, because due to them the number of pages of your blog in the index of search engines will......

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Free ways to advance into the Instagram

In Instagram, there is a practice of exchanging posts with accounts with a similar audience. There are no rules, we must look for other profiles and unwinding publics ourselves and offer this kind of cooperation. Exchange tips and experiences on a topic, recommendations or feedback. In general, to be friends with other accounts and opinion leaders is only good for everyone. Do not forget that this is a social network and people come there for entertainment and communication. Tags are not only a marketing tool, but also a great way to find......

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