Free ways to advance into the Instagram

Free ways to advance into the Instagram

In Instagram, there is a practice of exchanging posts with accounts with a similar audience. There are no rules, we must look for other profiles and unwinding publics ourselves and offer this kind of cooperation. Exchange tips and experiences on a topic, recommendations or feedback. In general, to be friends with other accounts and opinion leaders is only good for everyone. Do not forget that this is a social network and people come there for entertainment and communication.

Tags are not only a marketing tool, but also a great way to find the accounts you are interested in, see what happens on your topic in your niche and inspire the ideas of future posts. The instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags, use this feature to the maximum.

Basic principles of working with tags:

Use 3 groups of tags: those that describe your profile, those that describe your ideal reader and those that are now in the trend. Do not use very popular tags, they do not make sense. Your post will simply drown in a stream of photos and it will be a wasted tag. Choose those who have 10 to 300 thousand posts. As your account grows, you can take larger tags (those with 500,000 or more photos).

Always put yourself in the place of your target audience and think about what they are looking for in Instagram and in what language. The main purpose of using the tag is to get to the top 9. This is more realistic when using low-frequency tags, so choose in the range specified above.

Check for quality. When choosing tags, look at who uses them and what photos they upload. In other words, whether the tag is used by purpose, or there are many bare bodies, inadequate and spam.

Hit the top 9 posts by hashtag allows you to increase the coverage of your publication.

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